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Customers of Cyprus based FBME bank are having difficulties touching deposits at their bank account. ATM cards, creditcards and internet banking don’t work anymore. Since many of these customers do need their money, waiting for things to change is not an option to consider. The administrator appointed by the Central Bank of Cyprus, Mr. Dinos Christofides is the controlling force for payments executed in behalf of FBME customers.

Customers who need a solution to transfer their funds from their FBME account into their own control again can follow the strict guidelines set forth by Mr. Christofides. In order to meet these criteria, FBME customer must have a second bank account in Cyprus and must be able to issue, collect and deposit bank checks from their FBME account to another bank account in Cyprus.

There are three criteria people have to meet in order to be able to move funds from their FBME account.

A second bank account in Cyprus: FBME customers need second bank account in Cyprus. This second bank account must be in exactly the same name as the FBME account and even the exact same business address must be used. If you don’t have a second bank account in Cyprus and are not able to come to the island to open one (and wait for the KYC process to finalize) you can register for the FBME Bank account rescue mission, this is an initiative to help FBME customers transfer their account balance as quickly as possible.

Collect and deposit of bank checks: Although it is possible to issue bank checks in your own name, these bank checks still need to be collected. The rescue mission as described above can take care of this for you. There is no risk because these checks are void unless they are deposited on your own bank account at another bank in Cyprus.

Limit of daily payments: The limit of bank checks an FBME account holder can issue per day is set to one thousand Euro. This means that most customers have a long run to finalize the transfer of their balance. This is something you should take notice for when you decide to take some kind of action towards the transfer of your balance on the account.

Though, you are absolutely free to decide what you want to do, the situation is now taking a bit too long. If closing the accounts was a mistake, everything would be back to normal again. It doesn’t that you must take action, it does mean that it is wise to investigate your options. The FBME bank account rescue mission might be such an option. See for yourself, before it is too late.


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